Sheet Music:
    Yah Ribon
   Mah Yedidut   

Melodies for various zemirot.
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   (Italicized titles not yet live)     
  Dror Yikra  ("Yemenite" actually from nearby Aden)
  Dror Yikra   (Syrian melody) 
  Dror Yikra    (Georgian melody) 
  Ki Eshmera  (Yemenite) (counterpoint)* 
  Ki Eshmera  (Turkish)
  Mah Yedidut  (origin unknown, Hasidic style
  Menucha v'Simcha 
Tzur Mishelo  (Irish melody)
Yah Ribon  (popular American variant;
              melody #11 in Levin's Zemirot Anthology)
  Yah Ribon   (Yemenite melody)   
  Yom Shabbaton  (Yona Matz'ah)  
  Yom Zeh L'Yisrael   (Moroccan melody)   

*Yemenites sing this song for both Ahavat Hadassah and
Ki Eshmera.  This recording contains a commonly used counter-melody for this song.  It starts with the counter-melody, then the main melody comes in.  Listen to this to help learn the counter-melody


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   Mah Yedidut           Tzur Mishelo

   Yah Ribon              
Dror Yikra

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