The events which explored the book's diversity this year:
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Fri eve April 13:  Perspectives on Shir Hashirim,  Shaare Zedek (212 W 93 St)
    The wealth and diversity of its interpretations and perspectives:
        David Fishman: "Unrecognized Erotic Imagery in Shir haShirim"
        Rahel Musleah:  "Et Dodim Kala: Poems and Songs inspired by Shir Hashirim"
        Yitzhak Buxbaum:  "Mystical Perspectives on Shir Hashirim"
        Jonathan Zimet: "Why Shir Hashirim spoke to biblical Jews and speaks to us today"

Saturday afternoon April 14, 2-6pm:    The Shir Hashirim Sing-a thon
      A Feast of Songs 
at Ansche Chesed (251 W. 100 St.)
          Together singing every song based on the text of this book.      (More about the Songfest)

Saturday evening: 6:30-8:30 pm:   The Mashiach Meal 
       What does Shir Hashirim have to say about the Pesach/redemption of the future?

       Hosted by Kehilat Orach Eliezer (KOE) 

Sunday evening April 15, 710 pm:   Israeli Dances of Shir Hashirim
        -- drawn from the words of Shir Hashirim.    by Rikuday Dor Rishon
           at  Bridge for Dance,  2726 Broadway, at 104th St.

Shir  the Song of Songs  Shir Hashirim  exploring its diverse dimensions
Shir Hashirim 2012: The Inaugural Festival
Exploring Shir Hashirim in its diverse dimensions. 
  Inspiring vast and diverse music, commentaries, and other creative activity.

(To see the schedule from the 2012 Festival, click here.)