We sing every song based on text from this book (an enormous number with surprising variety):
        music from diverse communities, languages, and styles, such as: 
Israeli composers,  Sacred Harp, 
Renaissance,  classical composers,  rounds,  and more).

Feel free to come and go, any time throughout the afternoon.  
        We conclude with a rousing finale of Hayoshevet Baganim, around 6 -  6:

Along the way we do a few choral
Those who can sing these, sit together with the choral folders, so we’re ready to sing
        those pieces when they come along.  Mostly, though, the songs we sing are unison

*To sign up, click here .   For more info or questions, email: 
jdz@zimet.org . 

Value of the Program:
      • Enjoy the songs, learn new ones and interpretations, and expand your horizons.  
      • It brings together diverse participants:  Jews across the religious spectrum
(non-Jews, too)
            attracted for
multiple reasons (the music, cultural variety, theology, singing these at Pesach).
      • Meet others:  Many people have met at these (incl marriages and relationships).  
      • Many songs already by 1970's; explosion of music generated by composers, cantors,
            and contemporary movements such as Zamir Choral Foundation & Shalshelet Foundation.

      —      —      —      —      —      —      —      —      —      —      —      —      —      —  

and then, Sunday afternoon: 
  Israeli Dances of Pesach including those drawn from the words of Shir Hashirim.
  March 31
, 2:30 – 6:30 pm:                   .    by Rikuday Dor Rishon
             at  Bridge for Dance,   2726 Broadway,  at 104th St.

Shir Hashirim.org  the Song of Songs  Shir Hashirim  exploring its diverse dimensions
Shir Hashirim 2013: the musical marathon
"A Feast of Songs"
Saturday, March 30, 2013,  2 pm to 6+ pm
(for those who pre-register*) at 12:45 pm.
at Congr Ramath Orah,  550 W. 110
th St.  (betw Broadway & Amsterdam Ave.)