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                     Texts for Shir Hashirim:
  (Note:  To attend the event on Zoom, you have to register.  See "Register 2020"
Shir  the Song of Songs  Shir Hashirim  exploring its diverse dimensions

   Each of the items below is a LINK to the described document. 
Click on it, and it will open in a separate Tab.  
   If possible, Print out the song sheet before the Song-Fest, (so you don't need to use the screen to look at that during the Fest). 
   If you have your own book with the full 8 chapters of the book of Shir Hashirim), use that.   If you don't, then, likewise, print out a copy before,
(unless:   1. you don't mind seeing just the book-text instead of us during the fest.
                       (This will not work if you want to sing along, for ex, the choral.)