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 1. The website:  We welcome comments, suggestions and offers of help for the website
                               (tech and content).    Send to:

 2. The Festival 
        (a) We welcome your feedback on any aspect of the Festival, and
             suggestions for the future (program, songs, anything else you wish to comment on).
             Use the Contact page. 
        (b) If you want to help in organizing future events, or help put more music
             on the website, contact .
need help in many ways. You’re bound to have abilities in some of them! 
      -- Set-up coordinators (for meals);                     -- Food coordinator (coord snacks we shop for Songfest w/ things people might offer to bring);

      -- preparing written materials (SHS texts, song sheets, choral sheet music);                 -- making voice recordings of choral parts; 

 3.  Donations  
Of course they’re welcome; for that, go to the Reservation/donations page.

Shir  the Song of Songs  Shir Hashirim  exploring its diverse dimensions

   Your Input:    Help us grow our site!   Help organize the Festival!