Here are some of songs we'll sing that aren't as well known.  
Take at look at the pdf's, if you read music;  and/or listen to recordings, to hear/learn how they go.   

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Sheet Music  (.pdf's )

Two Rounds, by John Hetland:
    ("As an Apple Tree"  and
      "Oh, That You Were a Brother")

 See also "Shir Hashirim 2020 links
 page for the texts and songs we are
 using this year (in the virtual Song-fest).

 Recordings:       *[Notes, at bottom]

  As an Apple Tree  

  Oh That You Were Like a Brother

Other songs:
     Heviani el Beit Hayayin
     Mah Dodeich Midod  
    —     —     —     —     —     —   
 Notes on Recordings:   
      Rounds are written by composer John Hetland, who has faithfully attended our sessions for the last ~8 years.
     Heviani  (2:4-7)  an old soulful hasidic song, not strictly metrical, sung here by Jonathan Wolf).
     Mah Dodeich Midod (5:9-10)  one melody for this text, also sung here by Jonathan Wolf. 

Shir  the Song of Songs  Shir Hashirim  exploring its diverse dimensions

Songs  [ The music and recordings on this page are accessible to the public;

                    while the "Choral" music is password-protected to protect copyrights. ]