The Shir Hashirim Festival brings together singers, scholars, artists
 and people in other creative fields, to share and present this book's
 diverse meanings and expressions.    

  The Inaugural Festival (April 2012) reached hundreds of participants
 eager to come back for more explorations in the future. 
  See Festival 2012  for descriptions of the programs held.  
(Explorations of text and meaning;   Song-fest marathon;   Dance;
  implications for the future Pesach where all relate in peace)
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 Help us launch the next festival and expand the rich material we explore!
Shir  the Song of Songs  Shir Hashirim  exploring its diverse dimensions
The Shir Hashirim Festival
Devoted to exploring Shir Hashirim in its diverse dimensions.

Shir Hashirim has inspired perhaps more music, commentaries, and other creative activity than any other book its size.