Choral music  for  the Song-Fest      
     This web page allows you to view, hear and practice pieces on your own. 
We hope to rehearse as a group the week before Pesach (~April 17-20)  

   1.  Sheet music and recordings to many of the pieces are available. 
If interested, please email for login information.  
Then click on: "choral-login"
 (the sublink under this page, or, 
your cursor over "Choral" in the column at the left, and "Choral Login" will appear).   
      Look at the pieces, and determine which ones are feasible for you to practice   
(based on whether you know it, &/or how easily you can learn on your own). 
   2.  You can practice by playing the audio files (which are in the right column on that page) 
and singing your part along with the recording.

Please RSVP to and tell us you're coming -- it helps to know in advance what parts we're likely to have.   Please include:   
           (i)  your name, email, phone #,              (ii) voice part (or parts if you’re able),     and  
          (iii)  which pieces you most likely can do.  

      If you have any questions, email same address.    
   4.  At the song-fest: We sit together during the Song-fest (so that others don't have to wait for us to walk over).  If you know the given piece, stand with us when we do it.

Shir  the Song of Songs  Shir Hashirim  exploring its diverse dimensions