(Registration page for 2012 Festival; donations welcomed at any time.)
                              Stay tuned for information on Shir Hashirim 2013 
:  Please consider making a donation if you can [even if you can't Sponsor].
(Use same Donate button) With rental & many other expenses, the cost per head is closer to $75

                  Sponsorship Levels:   (Based on gematria values of key Shir Hashirim words.)  
                   Ahuvim       [1+5+6+2+10+40]                          =        $  64  and above* 
                  Kol Dodi    
[100+6+30  +  4+6+4+10]
             =        $160  and above * * 
[200+70+10+50]                            =      $330  and above * *
                  Uri Tzafon  [70+200+10  +  90+80+6+50]        =        $506  and above * * *    
    Any donation above the amount indicated is listed in the program for that category.  

one free meal.         * * two free meals.           * * * three free meals.  

Click here to donate; at PayPal page, fill in the amount of your donation.  After
you complete your donation, return here if you want to visit other pages on this site. 
Reservations for Meals  [2012]:     (Official deadline was April 10 at 5pm,  but we have ordered extra food, so you may still register.       Please consider adding a donation ["Donate" button, above] to your purchase.) 
Control your cost by signing early
(Note: If you are a Sponsor (above), you may check the "Free meal, $0"  option.    If you contributed at Kol Dodi or higher,
     you can purchase a meal for 2 people at the same meal   OR  
one meal  for Fri dinner + one meal for Sat lunch.) .

Dinner (at: Shaare Zedek)    Fri. April 13, 2012,  7:40 pm
    Friday Dinner: 
$38      $30 if registered by April 6     Sponsor: For Ahuvim or higher: $0 [see note above] 
Select Payment Option from Drop-down, based on date made:
       Then click: "Add to Cart." 
Lunch (at: Ansche Chesed)  Sat. April 14, 12:30 pm
    Sat Lunch
:   $35   
     $25 if registered by April 6      Sponsor:  For Ahuvim or higher:  $0
[see note above]    (Reserve by April 10 at 5pm!) 
                              [prior to          
Select Payment Option from Drop-down, based on date made:
        Then click: "Add to Cart."
Mashiach Meal    Saturday evening,   6:30 - 8:30 pm
          Hosted by Kehilat Orach Eliezer (KOE).   at home of Rob & Jessica Sacks)

No charge, but space limited.  So please reserve your spot by "Adding to Cart"If drop-down doesn't process the "$0.00",  then email "register-help" to tell us yofffu plan to attend.
         When you have selected your last item, then stay on Paypal and check out.
                     (You can return to this site afterwards if you want.)

   (For multiple meals, you may get one person, two meals (e.g., Fri & Sat),   or two people, one meal (e.g., two lunches).       * For Sponsors and registrants for Mashiach Meal:    To register for a free meal, or the Mashiach
   Meal (both ("$0"), email Register-help and so indicate.  Paypal won't process  $0 payment. 
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