Meals:      Sign-up deadline: April 10.
Programs:  Free, (but pre-registering helps our planning).

Meal rates not finalized but will be around $30.  (Pesach and caterer expenses necessitate that).  Control your cost by signing early! 
Earlier reservations will be discounted; late ones surcharged.
Fear not -- full registration information and ability to register coming soon!

Shir  the Song of Songs  Shir Hashirim  exploring its diverse dimensions

Registering [this page partially complete; updates coming soon].

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Note on Early Bird Discount:   If you came here before April 2 to register for a meal, and we weren't ready to take reservations, click  here ( to send us a message that you intend to register.  We will send you an email as soon as the site is ready.   As long as you register within 12 hours of that email, you will get the discount.