Choral music

    This year we'll have the opportunity to more fully sing and enjoy some of the choral pieces we've done previously.  Try to be a bit more prepared, since we're singing in a public setting  (but still more informally than a concert.)  
     You’re each still free to prepare and sing as few or many pieces as you want and can.   And pursuant to many previous requests ("popular demand") I'll do one semi-rehearsal/run-through, which always helps in ways doing alone can't.   
     Here is how we prapare:  
   1.  Practice on your own.   Sheet music and recordings to many of the pieces are available.  If interested, please email for login information.  Then click on (sublink under this page:  hover
your cursor over "Choral" in the lefthand column of links, and "Choral Login" will appear).
        Look at the pieces, and determine which ones are feasible for you to practice (based on your ability, whether you already know it). 
   2.  Rehearsal/ run-through
(Probably no rehearsal before Song-Fest 2013
       You can still practice by playing the audio files (#1, above) and singing your part
        along with them. Email if you have any questions
                 make it.   Include:      (i) your name, email, phone #,  
        (ii) voice part (or parts if you’re able),       and  
        (iii) which pieces you're most likely to be able to practice.  
    For non-routine questions, you can email me, 
   3.   At the song-fest: All choristers will sit together during the Song-fest  (rather than amble over from other parts of the table for each piece).   When we come to a choral piece, those who know it will stand to sing it.   
        You may join in a given piece if:    (i) you've sung it in the rehearsal,   
        (ii)  you securely know that piece from previous song-fests,     or 
        (iii)  you discuss it with me beforehand.  

        See you on Friday and Saturday! 

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