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 • The first of the “Megilot” (collection of five scrolls, in the
Jewish sequence of the biblical books).

 • A beloved collection of songs/poems in ancient Israel.

 • Ratified by the rabbis of Yavneh as part of the Bible.

 • Promoted by Rabbi Akiva as the prototype for the love
    and relationship between God and Israel.

 • A source of numerous other interpretations and insights on
love, theology, and relationships – over the midrashic era,
   the middle ages
(Jewish and other traditions), and modern times.

   Program at the Tikkun Leil Shavuot of  JCC-Manhattan  
v Shir Hashirim: Its Diverse Songs and Meanings 
  (Sat-night/Sun) May 24, 2015 (1:30 am).    Amsterdam Ave & 76th St. NY, NY
  The Song of Songs was popular from the outset  (long before Rabbi Akiba).      
     That's why it became part of the Bible, and why it has inspired perhaps more songs-per-verse than any other book.  Through some of its diverse perspectives,  we will explore why this is so;  we'll also learn and sing a few songs.

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Previous events:  
First SHS Song-Fest in Washington DC: April 11, 2015 (8th day Pesah), 1:15 pm.
      at Tifereth Israel Congr7701  16th  St. NW, Washington DC  20012
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  A Feast of Songs: on Sat March 21  at the JCC Manhattan, NY.  (See "2015".)

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   Shorashim Israeli Dance party. Featuring dances of Shir Hashirim & Pesach:
 Sun April 5 (after dark, 3rd night Pesah) 2726 Broadway at 104th
St., NY NY

Shir   the Song of Songs   Shir Hashirim      exploring its diverse dimensions
     Shir Hashirim --  Special events, 2015:      t